9th World Congress on Targeting Diabetes

Strasbourg - France

Du 23 au 24 Octobre 2014

  9th World Congress on Targeting Diabetes: Towards Non-Invasive innovations

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Among Sessions of Targeting Diabetes 2014
– Session 1: Diabetes in 2014: Evidence, arms and reality
– Session 2: The Challenges of Bio-artificial Pancreas versus Artificial Pancreas
– Session 3: The stem cells challenges: when and how?
– Session 4: Microbiota modulations in diabetes
– Session 5: Non-Invasive Measurement of Blood Glucose Levels:
       Towards a perfect Device
       New biomarkers
– Session 6: Oral Administration of Insulin: Barriers, opportunities and challenges
– Session 7: Diabetes 2014: Towards integrated strategies

Deadline for Short Oral Presentations Submission: September 08th
Deadline for Poster Presentations Submission: September 22nd