ESE Summer School on Endocrinology 2015

Bregenz, Austria - Monastery Mehrerau

Du 02 au 06 Août 2015

ESE Bregenz Summer School on Endocrinology 2015

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A short overview of the 2015 program:

– The opening plenary lecture: by a pioneer in « molecular endocrinology » Jamshed R. TATA, London , UK :
       « From Mitochondria to Nuclear Receptors: How Hormones Regulate Development »
– Young investigators sessions:
       · on new hormones, novel techniques, innovative models as well as
       · on career planning and endocrine job perspectives
– Lectureson the following topics :
       · Development of endocrine organs: adrenals, pancreatic islets, thyroid and anterior pituitary ? in vivo and in the dish
       · Endocrine and hormone-related cancer: adrenals, prostate, thyroid – development, diagnosis and cure
       · The interface between bone, bone marrow and hormone-related tumors: breast, prostate, bone
       · Thyroid hormones and energy metabolism: hypothalamus, mitochondria, aging, non-classical effects
       · Bioinformatics and new paradigms in endocrine research and diagnostics: optogenetics, transcriptome analysis, mass spectrometry

These lectures will be complemented by interactive seminars to delve in more detail into the topics.

There will be daily sport events organized on site and the highly renowned Bregenz summer festival with open air opera performances on the lake stage provides attractive musical and cultural events.